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Dr. George Zureikat, MD, member of  American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and founder of the Mid-Michigan Sleep Center is conducting clinical studies on a  REVOLUTIONARY breathable crib mattress designed and assembled by two Michigan Natives.  The “Heaven Sent” crib mattress produced by Secure Beginnings, LLC, is designed with an air-permeable sleep surface and passive air-flow system.  This revolutionary mattress is designed to reduce the build-up of harmful levels of CO2 inhaled while a baby sleeps.  The rebreathing of CO2 has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other respiratory complications in babies.   According to both Pediatricians and Sleep Disorder Specialist, these breathable crib mattresses may be a safer alternative to conventional and organic crib mattresses.

These BREATHABLE crib mattresses are the first of their kind to have a constant passive flow of air above and below the sleep surface.  According to an accredited testing lab, this crib mattress has an air permeable rate of 330* times that of a standard or organic crib mattress.  This unique crib mattress was designed by, Kelly Obriot and Julie Andreae, Michigan designers who spent years developing and perfecting this revolutionary alternative to conventional and organic crib mattresses after one of the designers experienced the loss of a loved one to SIDS.

Medical professionals further believe this crib mattress may provide babies with a better, uninterrupted sleep since the air-flow system is designed to keep a baby’s core body temperature stable.  The sleep surface of these new mattresses is fully washable and contains no vinyl or foam found in traditional crib mattresses.  This design is intended to reduce the build-up of microorganisms, thought to be a stress to a baby’s delicate respiratory system.

The Heaven Sent breathable crib mattress is available for general home use.  The company prides itself on all its products being manufactured in the USA with a large percentage of the company’s suppliers being Michigan based.   According to Julie Andreae,  “We are dedicated to using only US products and components, and we are committed to using as many local manufacturers and suppliers as possible.  We also strive to support the community through various methods of outreach.”