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Read what www.babygeartoday.com said about Secure Beginnings’ sleep surface

..from www.BabyGearToday.com: “There are so many different baby mattresses out there. It is often a difficult decision on which one to purchase. I have definitely seen my share between my kids, but I have never seen anything like the Heaven Sent Breathable Baby Mattress. Secure Beginnings, the company behind this revolutionary mattress was founded by a father, Kelly, whose close friend lost a child to SIDS. Wanting a safer sleep environment for his baby, he came up with a breathable sleep surface with a passive airflow technology that reduces the build up of carbon dioxide and stops the build up heat thus causing a rise in body temperature- which has been linked to a potential cause of SIDS. After partnering with Julie, who lost a niece to SIDS, Secure Beginnings LLC was born.

Passive airflow technology- ?? Well, this “sleep surface” is not a mattress- per say, but a fabric surface suspended over a wooden frame- it’s almost like your baby is floating on air! And because there is no mattress underneath this allows air to passively flow through the sleep surface. The mattress base also has cut out holes to facilitate air flow. This “breathable” mattress does more than just reduce the risk of SIDS. Because it can be taken off to wash- in the washing machine- YAY!!- it reduces the build up of harmful bacteria. For a germaphobic mom like myself, definitely “heaven sent”. We received for our review a Heaven Sent Sleep Surface and Mattress base for our review. There weren’t very many instructions to read through, but none needed. It was fairly easy to assemble, just place the sleep surface over the bars on the mattress base and zip up. Push the bars down to lock in place and you are done. I did note that I had to remove one siderail  of the crib to install the mattress base, but not a problem.”

  1. DP
    October 29, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Thanks for the post!

    I love this crib mattress. It’s breathable crib mattress – which means that your baby can breathe easier and sleep better. And you don’t have to be afraid that your baby could flip over on his belly and suffocate. They’ve got some great designs, too. I read about it here: (http://www.maternityandbabyshoppingmart.com/heavensentbreathablecribmattress-bysecurebeginnings.html)

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