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Audition Notice Seeking African American Actors: The Exonerated

UPDATE: A tremendous cast is coming together, but the role of Robert remains open. Please help us spread the word (see below for contact information for director Lois Bendler as well a description of this part).

Grosse Pointe Theatre and Director Lois Bendler announce auditions for The Exonerated, an extraordinary play and the true story of six death row prisoners who have been proven innocent and set free.  The show will be presented through the Purdon Studio Theatre, a performance division of GPT.

Auditions are Friday, Nov. 12, 7 – 9 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 13, 1 – 3 p.m., at the Grosse Pointe Theatre rehearsal facility, 315 Fisher Road (at Maumee/Grosse Pointe Boulevard) in Grosse Pointe.

The Exonerated, written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, is told in the words of those who were unjustly convicted, and in the actual words of guards, police officers, lawyers, judges, lovers and friends.

The cast includes seven men (three African-American; four white) and three women (one African-American; two white).  The racial specificity in casting is necessary in that the play addresses the preponderance of African-Americans in U.S. prisons.


DELBERT, African-American, Middle-aged.  A seminary dropout, radical, and Chicago poet.
ROBERT, African-American, 30’s.  A former horse groomer from the Deep South .
DAVID, African-American, 40.  A gentle, sad man, born and raised in northern Florida .
GARY, white, early 40’s.  A Midwestern hippie and an organic farmer.

SUNNY, white, middle-aged.  A bright, pixyish yoga teacher from California .
GEORGIA, African-American, 30.  Robert’s wife, also southern; loudmouthed, outspoken, warm.
KERRY, white, early 40’s.  A 19 year old trapped in a 40 something year old body, born in Texas .
SANDRA, white, 40.  Sandra is married to Kerry.  Sweet, loves Kerry dearly; a great sense of humor.
Plus  2 Character Male or Female Ensemble roles

This is a community theatre production and actors are not paid.  Grosse Pointe theatre will furnish head shots, costumes, makeup and refreshments.

Rehearsal days and times will be arranged between individual cast members and the director.  For questions about the characters and the script, please contact director Lois Bendler at 586-779-1296 or lobend@aol.com.

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