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Wildwood Environmental Academy Receives Highest State Designation Possible

[Read the full story at our website] Wildwood Environmental Academy has been designated an “Excellent” school on the Ohio State School Report Cards – the highest state designation possible. As Bill Coats has said – it takes only one example of getting it done to prove that it can be done. Leona Schools have many shining examples – and Wildwood’s recent designation is further proof.

School leader Elizabeth Lewin, the Wildwood staff and students have a lot to be proud of. Now serving grades K-12 on two campuses, the school has grown and become a cornerstone for environmental education in the Toledo area. The hands-on approach and personal, one-on-one attention provided to students make Wildwood a “second home” to nearly 300 students.

Wildwood is a public community school of choice and accepts all students. Every child can and will learn – we know this. But how they learn and what we teach them is our task at hand. Wildwood does this very well.

“Wildwood does very well challenging the students to reach their fullest potential – academically and socially.”
~ Wildwood parent

“The success at WEA is a result of the continuous effort to understand and meet the needs of each student individually while teaching, modeling and encouraging integrity.”
~ David Benner, teacher

Congratulations to Elizabeth Lewin, school leader, and the staff and students of Wildwood – Excellent, indeed!